So… can i make a cold wallet from a Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

If i can install a clean OS on a pi that’s only connected to internet for transaction purposes. and only on it i store wallets/keys and such nothing else installed… does that count as a cold wallet alternative? or surly there are things i’m not taking in mind maybe security/connectivity wise. tnx

**EDIT: Better asked. What would it take to convert a Pi/Arduino into a cold wallet just like Trezor or Ledger**

**EDIT #2 : I realize now that price ranges are pretty much the same so to avoid “why not just buy a cold wallet for the same price” questions , i already have a Pi laying in here at home and this could be also useful for learning purposes as to what makes a cold wallet a cold wallet. Thanx**

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  1. >What would it take to convert a Pi/Arduino into a cold wallet just like Trezor or Ledger

    Converting a Raspberry Pi to be “like” a Ledger Nano is impossible. The Nano S and Nano X are based on security-focused microcontrollers. The thing that makes the Nanos so secure is the hardware they are based on. The CPU and software in a Raspberry Pi could never equal the hardware-level security in the Ledger Nanon product line. The chips inside the Ledger Nanos are from ST Microelectronics. A little googling will get you the exact chip model numbers for the Nano S and the Nano X.

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