Snoop Dogg: I’m Sure Bitcoin Is Long Lasting

The famous American rapper Snoop Dogg has stated that he is a big supporter of Bitcoin. According to him, he has been following the asset for a long time and believes that Bitcoin provides global global interaction.

“I believe in bitcoin and the technology that makes global interoperability possible.”

Snoop Dogg does not see Bitcoin as a temporary trend that will disappear after the pandemic. He is sure that bitcoin is an asset of the future and the pandemic only “adds fuel to the fire”:

“The future is happening right before our eyes. I don’t think bitcoin is just a consequence of the pandemic. “

The rapper has already become familiar with the volatility of the bitcoin market and understands that the fall in price does not reflect the initial value of the asset. For him, the price is not the fundamental factor that determines the reliability of bitcoin. The rapper is confident that Bitcoin will stand the test of time:

“I don’t follow the coin rate too much, because I’ve been on the market for a long time and got used to rate jumps. I am sure that bitcoin is for a long time. “

Bitcoin continues to gain media attention with more and more celebrities mentioning the asset and expressing their admiration for the top digital currency. More recently, Paris Hilton has officially become a member of the bitcoin community. The popular socialite has joined the laser eye trend, which indicates that people believe in the $ 100,000 rate.

However, for Snoop Dogg, bitcoin is not the only technology he enjoys. NFT interests him no less. He is about to launch an NFT called Journey with Dogg with his music and his own Snoop Dogge Coin, which was inspired by DogeCoin.

In his opinion, NFTs create an alternative environment for artists to communicate with their fans. Rather than receiving an artist’s work through download and purchase, fans can interact with artists on a deeper level when they purchase these exclusive artworks.

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