$SMGM Just Listed on CMC! Last chance to buy Low | Community Driven | Supporting Testicular Cancer Research | Partnership with Dr. Curtis

We’re proud to announce our strategic partnership with Dr. Curtis, a pioneer in research,
treatment of, and prevention, in the field. Our support comes in three phases.
I. Create social awareness for testicular cancer and men’s health.
II. Help fund research and studies relating to cures and treatments.
III. Work with spokespeople and related influencers to spread the word about early

* SMGM is now listed at CoinMarketCap (CMC), one of the foremost and reputable price
tracking and information gathering websites in the world of crypto!

* 7% Auto-Staking

* 1% Burn tax

* 0.5% Maximum transaction size.

Here at SMGM, we are a 100% community driven project that is tackling the serious and
sometimes forgotten killer, testicular cancer. Our goal at SMGM is to help fund research, and
create more awareness about early detection, and eventually put an end to testicular cancer!
Our contributions go like this: for every $5 Million in market cap raised, we donate money
towards our testicular cancer initiative.

* Initial launch at $3000 USD market cap (no pre-sale)
* Over 1000 investors within 24 hours
* Within three days reached $15 million market cap
* Currently over 6000 investors
* TikTok partnerships with u/LondonLaz and u/JabagelMan
* Listing on Coin Market Cap
NEW CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x74f3a669A8f35010F6f8811c495c0A5F60c5d04d NAME: SMEGMARS

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