Slips (SLCC): New ERC-721 Token Designed To Disrupt the ESports Market

The Concept

Cryptokitties lets you buy a cat as an NFT. The cat breeds and has a value. Some cats are worth more than others. Zed Run lets you by a digital race horse an NFT. The horses have different values. You can race them, if your horse wins a lot of races, it goes up in value.

Slips is something like the two projects above. I’ve created smart contracts and a UI for letting people run their own esports league. Using my own contracts, I launched a league for a game called Rocket League which is a car soccer game played between two teams.

In Slips, you can buy teams which you manage and also invest in players. These are real life esports players who are represented by an NFT token. The token’s base value comes from the player’s quality (their rank within the game). How they perform in the league changes the value of the token.

You can micro-invest in players, become a player agency, provide loan to teams or even roll up your sleeves and play yourself. By owning a team, you get a guaranteed license to print money since only a limited number of teams exists and the league operates on a franchise model. Meaning someone would need to buy you out to take a seat at the table.

Unlike most crypto projects… I built a community of real users and my app before announcing the project. We’re live every week on Twitch and unlike a digital racehorse or a virtual cat, you can join our Discord and talk to the players themselves.

Project Highlights

* The dev is publicly known, there’s interviews with me all over the internet!
* I have a track history of launching projects, I built and launched a stream betting app ([]( and got funded to the tune of 75k from ETCLabs in 2019
* 1700+ community members and over 2000 players already
* App is almost complete, launched on a test network and a month away from mainnet launch


πŸ”— Main Site: [](

πŸ’» App: [](

πŸŽ₯ Video: [](

🐦 Twitter: [](

πŸ”— Discord: [](

πŸ”— Blue Print: [](

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