Short $UBER?

Hear me out, have you taken a ride in an Uber lately? They will literally hire ANYONE. You know, back in the day I loved the idea of Uber and thought they even had the potential to revolutionize travel with crazy funding to R&D making flying car taxis seem like an inevitable reality soon to be actualized.

Now, I order an Uber and the driver will pass my house. Mark that he picked me up when he didn’t, go drop off other passengers he shouldn’t have taken because my ride was scheduled, and then circle back to pick you up. Leaving you standing outside for 15 minutes like a dumbass. The worst part is this has happened multiple times. Please Uber, provide your drivers with proper training or save yourselves some time and money and just liquidate now.

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  1. fun fact: if you report that your Uber driver was under the influence they will automatically be suspended from working for 4 days, no questions asked, do what you will with that info lol

    source: my buddy drove an uber

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