Scammer Alert – Mr. Steve

A couple months ago /u/mr_steve- posted here about his custom embroidered shoes

I thought that was cool so I msg’d him about doing a pair for me. He agreed to do the embroidery for $20 and I would pay for postage. No problem, I sent him a new pair of shoes, we agreed on a price in XMR, which I sent him. He said he would send me the shipping details but that was the last I heard from him, and he hasn’t replied to any subsequent messages. That was April 29. (He didn’t just vanish right away either, he posted twice here on reddit a couple weeks after our last email. e.g. /r/PoliticalCompassMemes/comments/nii7wr/reddit_moment/gz2u7ev/ )

He’s got a regular business, it shows up on Google Maps:

Custom embroidery services 2620 w 2nd ave unit 2 Denver co 80219

If you’re in the Denver area, please spread the word that this guy’s a crook. Thanks.

What do you think?

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  1. That’s a bummer.

    I, too, ordered embroidered shoes from him, and they arrived. And, they’re pretty dope!

    Perhaps something happened to him?! Maybe it was an honest mistake. I hope so!

  2. We’ve had a some what similar experience here too! We found him through the monero Reddit post and teamed up with him for (

    I don’t believe he’s a scammer as he did ship us some hats we had ordered & he did send us tracking numbers for two sneaker orders early last week (we did place the orders back in May though lol) BUT we are STILL waiting on more hats as well as our sneakers and I haven’t heard from him since then! He did disappear late last month Bc he apparently lost his phone on a camping trip 🤷🏽‍♀️ I will try and reach out to him again today to see if I hear back from him!

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