SaveBritney┃After 13 years We are saving Britney!┃Launching Tomorrow!

🔥SaveBritney Listing Announcement! 🔥

The moment you all have been waiting for! The waiting is almost over!

🥁 We are going to launch SaveBritney at Saturday (tomorrow) on Uniswap 🦄

🚀Saturday, 17th of July at exactly 16:00 UTC! 🚀

***Extra Links:***

**Buy on PancakeSwap**:[](

**REAL CONTRACT ADDRESS**: 0x81510b716b1fc28280ef030406bdcb83f6fb7096

Fair launch with huge anti-bot prevention.

👉 Small Market Cap launching! To make it big!

Around ~ 55k MC on TGE! This is not a typo, only 5️5️k on TGE!

🌟 We intend to make #SaveBritney the best project you have seen this year – so stay tuned! 🌟

🦄 Some more public spots will be given before the launch!

Stay tuned & expect the unexpected! 😎

#SaveBritney #CryptoHelpsBritney


❗️ #SaveBritney is not launched yet! Everything else you see is a scam!

Official contract will be only shared here by me only and on the announcement channel. everything else you see is a scam and you will lose all your funds.

What do you think?

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