SafemoonJoe, Safemoon Michael and the rest of these clickbait youtubers

I promise if you are checking this subreddit for 5 minutes a day, you have just as much if not more information than these youtubers.

Don’t get attached to any of these so called influencers or Youtubers. Don’t get discouraged when they post negative stuff and don’t get overconfident when they post some unrealistice nonsense. All these guys do is put up clickbait videos that give absolutely no value at all. They do it for their own interests. Each video is over 10 minutes and they literally do the same shit every time:

*waste 30 seconds – 1 minute with intro
*Open coinmarketcap and look at charts, market, volume for about 5 mins
*open reddit and go to r/Safemoon and talk about other peoples DD for 5 mins
*Find some weird article they searched for to relate it with their clickbait title or just spend the rest of the time looking at twitter/discord posts.

My point is 98% of these people don’t provide actual value and updates that people don’t already know. Other than SafemoonMark and a couple others, the rest of them are useless and that includes SafemoonJoe and Safemoon Michael.

Edit: Now I see why we won’t even have 500k millionaires.

What do you think?

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  1. Im addicted to safemoon. Buying, reading about, tweeting, researching, hunting clues, etc. I have an hour long commute to and from work. The only way i can get my safemoon fix during that time is by listening to YouTube safemoon videos. Does this make me a bad person? 🤣

  2. They do add tons of value by spreading the word on SafeMoon and growing the community. If you hold coins, you WANT guys like this trying to grow and inform the community. Not everyone comes to Reddit and not all info is here on Reddit. They also record AMAs for people to watch. Personally, I don’t use twitch so I’ve relied on their streams. This is a really dumb post, quite honestly. If you don’t enjoy their content, don’t watch and keep your negative comments to yourself.

  3. These SafeMoon YouTubers are entertaining. Come on now, SafeMoon Joe is about as upbeat and enthusiastic a guy you could want spreading the word about our beloved SafeMoon. The guy is great! We want people like this all over the world on blast! It’s a good thing.

  4. These guys are promoting SFM every day providing free advertising on YT spreading awareness, from a marketing perspective I’m glad they’re doing these daily videos. Yes, I agree some of the SFM YTers are very clickbaity with empty videos, but others actually provide interesting perspectives and fill the gaps on any news I’ve missed.

    So I say sieve through the YTers you like and ignore the ones you don’t, I’ve stopped watching some (I won’t name names), but personally, I like Safemoon Joe, he’s funny, he’s authentic, and he’s on a mission to change his family’s future via SFM, as we all are, and he’s honest about that. I’m happy to watch and support his channel, in exchange he gives me a 10-minute daily dose of SFM banter.

    We are SFM family, with the same mission. I say we support the likes of Joe and Michael. So find you’re favourites and enjoy the journey.

  5. Bruh what do u mean Safemoon Michael. He is like the only honest one who gives updates about what is going on for people who dont have all day to be on social media to see whats going on. Ya his videos are 10 mins and his thumbnails are clickbait ish but thats just what you do as a YouTuber who understands the algorithm. I like the fact that his videos have the same format everyday because I know what I am going to stay up to date on. Tbh I dont need to watch his videos because I do have the time to stay up to date but I still do just in case I missed anything and I appreciate his videos.

  6. Agreed. But to be fair. Not everyone on YouTube is in Reddit. We get too tier access at lightning speed, YouTube is always playing catch-up. They offer zero additional value if you’re already on Reddit, but they are doing the good work of spreading the word so I don’t knock em.

  7. I doubt anyone actually basis their investments on the entertainment videos of the people you mention.

    Yes they just go through the reddit and talk about the same stuff you can read. Like someone above said though they provide a great community spirit service.

    Seriously if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch it.

  8. Everyone has different taste. lambo…hummer…
    farm.. city…
    .0001 …. .01

    Reddit… youtube

    Twitter. ..Instagram

    The great thing about a community is different people different styles from all over working together ❤!!!! This is what makes us #safemoonarmy

  9. You should relax a little bit and enjoy the ride. Safemoon Joe and Michael are harmless. I enjoy watching there videos daily. I was skeptical at first. Thought they would be exactly what you are saying, but Joe has a lot of passion for Safemoon. I love that. Michael does just give us a second hand update to what we pretty much already know. What is the harm in that. Neither of them bash the project. They both support it. I will say there are some other influencers that are not a good fit for Safemoon, but I just ignore those ones.

  10. I am in the fence… I do my own DD from all sources, Twitter, FB, Discord, and here. Give me time and I’ll start a Linkin account just to follow the devs lol but for the most part, I know what they are going to say before they say it or upload. I do catch some interesting talks tonight from them since I can’t catch everything that comes through the websites. I also am trying to get a following here in Japan about safemoon. But most find it difficult to buy but they are counting on the wallet to make it easier. But I just watch them to pass time in the car or when going to bed lol 😂

  11. cringe and noobies to crypto acting like they know it all

    they used safemoon as a way to gather a fanbase….now we see them promote other cryptos and their opinions on such

    to all the new people into crytpo…..look into people that talked of crypto years ago. Not Matt Wallace who only started talking doge when it hyped in december…and any safemoon youtuber that never discussed crypto before….stay well clear

    we even had one of those youtubers try and get the safemoon family to tweet to kim kardashian ffs.

    if people like the daily drama and hype that they fabricate, so be it, but do not let it influence your investments

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  13. What’s sad is these guys are probably the only ones actually making money off of safemoon right now. Wish I would’ve thought of spamming 3-4 videos a day of me looking at Reddit and Twitter feeds for 10 minutes, plugging webull, finishing off my video with “this is not financial advice and only invest what you can afford to lose” then edit in a clickbait title of “SFM $0.01 by Thanksgiving?” and a picture of me with a Soylent grin pointing at a pic of Elon musk with taking a hard shit face.

  14. There merely there for entertainment purposes. I watched safemoon joe when he first started and he was like to the big names and whales get out get out we don’t need you gimmie your 10%. Now he’s on board with a big namer in safemoon. Safemoon will go to where it’s going to go, just buy your target and hold. If you want to buy the dips do so, if there’s a target in tokens you want to achieve do it. My target was 250 million. And that’s where I’m happily going to sit. Whatever comes from reflections comes. I’m excited for what’s coming and very curious to where she could hit. I got in early April and been holding since. Most of these youtubers live off those super chats and such as their extra income. Ppl want to donate hey that’s their money and their business. A lot of their info is stuff just published by other users and then just reworded from their point. I haven’t watched a safemoon mark video so I can’t comment on his stuff, but I have watched the rest lol.

  15. They found a topic that going viral at the time and jumped on that money train. Throwing 10 ads in a 10 minute video and pander for Patreon support all while throwing that profit at their crypto to gain a higher position than you. Why the heck you want to look at a bunch, of what they call themselves, non financial advisors, portfolios?

  16. I agree with OP but it’s ok for them to advertise on YT. Not everyone is on Reddit but a majority of people use YouTube. Many people have learnt about SafeMoon while watching YT videos. I’m one of those & I have no regrets. Nowadays I watch their videos just to get amused, because we’re so updated over here, I sometimes giggle watching their videos. Nevertheless, it’s important they continue with their work. Free advertising is better than no advertising.

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