Safemoon Tracker but now with BTC, ETH & DOGE — Just in time for the wallet!


[Crypto-Tracker Raspberry Pi Application in action](

Check it out at Crypto-Tracker – [](

Based off of aCallum’s SafePi tracker (link below), but now with support for SAFEMOON, BTC, ETH and DOGE along with a ton of new features!

I’ve also included a ton of new features including:

– A Javascript configuration panel which makes setting up of coins / wallets and configuration settings much easier

– Support for multiple types of displays including:

— Adafruit’s SSD1306 OLED – [](

— SH1106 OLED Displays – [](

— SSD1105 OLED Displays – [×32-2-23inch-oled-display-hat-for-raspberry-pi](×32-2-23inch-oled-display-hat-for-raspberry-pi)

What do you think?

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