SafeMoon makes you wealthy, but then what will you do to stay wealthy?

Hello SafeMoon-Family,

I’ve invested in SafeMoon since March and I’m super hyped about the project and excited about where SafeMoon will bring us in a few years. Like the most of you I’ve often thought about what I can do or buy once SafeMoon will hit a point that will be life changing.

The last few posts from papa thrilled me so much that I can’t think of anything else that SafeMoon will succeed and I’ll become wealthy, like out of nowhere. But beside all the “wen lambo” thoughts I realized that I’ve no clue how to deal with such a large amount of money.

So I wonder how you will deal with it once SafeMoon makes you wealthy. What would you do to stay wealthy? Would you let the tokenomics do the work for your or would you rather take the money and put it in new investments like real estate, stocks or some new cryptos?

Beside of that, which plans do you have once SafeMoon will hit your personal goal? Would you stop working? Which kind one things would you buy? Would you put an huge amount into charity?

I look forward to your answers and thank you for your inspiration!

What do you think?

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  1. If, big if, it makes me wealthy I’ll either:
    1. Sell reflections only and live off that
    2. Cash out reflections, buy high yield dividend stock and live off recurring income.
    3. Cash all out and buy hookers and coke.

    Top of my head there..

  2. My first priority is to buy a house. After that I want to consolodate the wealth, which will mean leaving quite a lot of it to gain reflections (assuming that the price is largely stable by that point and I’m not likely to lose the entire amount overnight). I’ll probably take some out and invest it traditionally, whether in stocks or housing. I’ll defintitely chuck some into new cryptos because they feed my ADHD-loving dopamine needs.

    Other than that, take care of my daughter’s education, give to charity, and probably set up a production company so I can work doing stuff I actually love.

  3. If Safemoon does moon, I imagine it will be equivalent to winning the lottery for many. If that’s the case, (if you want to take care of your future and others down the line,) you may want to consider a financial planner, tax person, will & trust attorney, and asset attorney to name a few. Let’s go, #SafemoonArmy!

  4. I’m 20 years old (not in college) Honestly depends on how tired I am on living a humble life lmao. I’ve always dreamed of traveling and I’ve never really traveled anywhere outside of my state besides 2 times. I’m either just gonna take the L on the taxes and enjoy life the way I’ve always wanted or get a CRT and live off the annuity. Which has a lot of benefits but I’d like to touch my money when ever I want🤷🏽‍♂️ I live with my brother on about 52 acres of land in a old house and we have about a 2,000 sq ft building right next to the property. Hopefully when safemoon reaches any where between “0.0005-0.10” I’ll be able to finally invest some money into the property so me and my brother can fix everything up and start a business. Keeping half of my bag to have reflections as another income. I appreciate this community so much It’s given me hope again, financial freedom is true freedom and I can finally live a peaceful life while taking care of my family. Ultimate goal

  5. Pending the rate of reflections when I get to that point, if I’m not happy with the monthly or if it’s just so much that I can afford to diversify more I’ll definitely buy up a ton of real estate away from the coast.

  6. I different plans for different price points. I know we will do well, but it’s hard to say how well we will actually do. I do not plan on leaving my job unless we hit .05( which is a long shot).

  7. A message to my fellow Hodlers:

    I applaud you all for investing in SafeMoon! Your future self and family will be proud of you. I know that a lot of us plan to buy the dips and sell only the reflections to build generational wealth.

    I do have a strong financial background through education, work experience and professional certifications; yet I would say that each person’s financial goals and situation differs. Therefore use this information as a reference point, not as an exact to your personal financial situation.

    My recommendation to those that aspire to be “Diamond Hands” and “Emerald Hands” when the time comes we will face decisions and decision points when SafeMoon hits the key price point in the near future that each investor foresee as a selling point.

    My suggestion to those would be to consider “sloth hands.” My definition of such is that a sloth is a slow moving creature. Therefore the sloth hands concept relates to selling reflections in a slower manner. The benefits of tokenomics, the 10% tax and sloth hands “mesh” well once understood.  Using the math that @SafemoonMark illustrated on YouTube and the Warren Buffett therapy of greed and caution, I’d invite fellow Hodlers to exercise “sloth hands.”

    Since early adoption of SafeMoon is a key component to the success of profitability “when you look in the mirror” in the future. I would suggest that each investor self reward to theirself would be to withdraw their reflections once a year opposed to the daily withdrawal discussion expressed via YouTube and have the penalty of reocurring 10% taxes. Based upon your bag value, you could do a withdrawal once a year to buy/purchase/acquire those dream/wants/ideal items and have your reflections replenished and grow in a compound concept of tokenomics as outlined by the initial pillars of SafeMoon.

    So in summary once we reach the coin capacity threshold defined by our CEO and SafeMoon leadership, I plan to do reflections withdrawal once a year on my birthday as a treat for being an early investor/adopter and pass on the remaining of my SafeMoon bag to the next generation of my family at the appropriate time….this is the sloth hands approach!

  8. I will stay wealthy by not selling even after everyone else has. 💯

    Years will pass, seasons will come and go. Yet I will remain vigilant. Diamond Hands 💎🤚

  9. Buy time for life so I can spend it with the family instead of working to keep food on the table and a roof over our head. We never have enough time to do things that will help my children enjoy life to the fullest.

    Damn I need to edit this and the punctuation. Oh well.

  10. Pay all debt with Safemoon credit card to avoid fees
    Open a CRT with a 1/4 of gains and receive payments
    Hold half reflections
    Work 5 more years to build fun money.

  11. After reaching price targets. Withdrawl half and put it into a Charitable Remainder Trust, so you don’t have to pay high taxes and can get intrest off of the trust. If you deposit, say 500k, at a 5% withdrawl rate thats 25k per year. After that I would live off the reflections of the rest of the safemoon and diversify in other cryptos.

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