Safemoon exchange/wallet, are the devs preparing for regulation?

Does anyone know if the Dev team is planning to register with regulatory agencies such as the SEC. I personally have not heard and was just wondering. Due to the scrutiny Binance is currently undergoing and the SEC investigation/lawsuit Ripple is going through it is clear that even though the crypto sphere is defi decentralized and enjoys a element of anonymity, regulation of some sort is inevitable. And exchanges that get on board with registering with those regulatory agencies will make it possible for most average investors to continue to be active in the market.

I am In and big on HODLing safemoon and very enthusiastic about all the projects coming together. I have been looking forward to the Safemoon wallet/exchange. I am however concerned that if the process to get the wallet/exchange up and running doesn’t cover some necessary bases then the whole project could run into issues and likewise the investment moon shot that we are all HODLing out for.

I’m not looking to throw shade or FUD. I just wanted to discuss I the thought of regulation or the effects it might have. Also if anyone knows how the dev team is handling the prospect of regulation and regulatory agency involvement.

What do you think?

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  1. Papa said they are doing everything to comply with regulations in the places they do business. He was asked his opinions on the US government and their interests in crypto.

  2. Hmmmm…. I’m not smart enough on this but from what I understand regulation defeats the purpose. Crypto is nice to have whenever fiat is inflated. I wouldn’t want pesky governments looking around crypto personally, but, we need an adult to look at this question. I honestly don’t know lol.

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