SafeHamsters – DEX launched! – On Bloomberg – Massive potential – Skilled dev – Giveaways everyday! – Farming about to open soon!

😎 **SafeHamsters just launched DEX v.1.0**

Finally, one of the main events of the summer for the SafeHamsters world has come to pass. The team has completed the work and is ready to present the first version of the exchange.

📊 **Available functionality:**

– Purchase / sale of SafeHamsters tokens, seed;

– Installed auto-slippage for convenience and speed of operations;

– Analytics available in pairs;

– The SafeHamsters / BNB pair has already been launched, you can start farming the SEED token in it;

– A pair of SafeHamsters / BUSD and others will be available a little later;

Now you can buy and farm SEED tokens, which will be very useful and 💰 will allow you to earn at the time of the release of our gaming platform.

**Go to the website, connect the wallet, try it.**

👉 [](

Stake SafeHamsters, get SEED, and keep your tokens tight!



💹Top 1 trend within a week on DEXTOOLS!

They are the FIRST meme coin on 📜⁉️BLOOMBERG after shiba and doge!

The team launching a new token #SEED . The token are also gonna be used in Game

Let me tell you the information I’ve got about #SEED

🌱 **SEED token allows you to:**

– Purchase NFT cards to increase the speed of farming;

– Buy NFT combat bonuses for a character;

– Increase the levels of NFT cards;

**Bloomberg article:**


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