SafeBNBRewards- a BRAND NEW token with 35% sellers fee and 20% rewarded to holders automatically as BNB!!

Tired of sketchy new cryptos with tiny selling fees that don’t deter anyone from selling in the first place? SafeBNBRewards is here to change that with a 35% selling fee which includes 20% rewarded to holders automatically as BNB! This is a long term gold mine!!!

Brand New tokenomics that is already proving to be quite popular with a telegram of over 7,000 members already! They are currently in the private sale stage as they just started and are having a shilling contest to get whitelisted for the private sale (which is what I’m doing right now!) But it’s filling up fast it sounds like.

Join the telegram group and read the pins to get started and get in early to what could be one of the bigger tokens of the summer!

Twitter: @SafeBNBRewards

What do you think?

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