Sad to see scam coins ruining the market.

And they’re specifically ruining the market for other legit start ups. People don’t trust start ups anymore exactly because of these scam coins.

Now some coins and projects are trying to gain the trust of investors in an way possible like backing up their coin with stable currency, or by being listed kind of like how EQONEX got listen on the Nasdaq stock exchange. It was the first cryptocurrency that did that too so stuff like that offer great incentive and ease for people trying to invest in start ups so that’s good.

But this is still a problem cause now legit projects have to work harder than ever to secure the trust and attention of investors. And we all know that start ups can’t always afford to do stuff like that.
By the way I see it, if this continues start ups will be struggling real bad…

What do you think?

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  1. True, its both negative and positive. It makes it harder for us who creat something real, but it also makes the scams more clear and less atractive. We have a telegram chat that these scamer pop in and out of. But the “die” like flys on a windscreen when they meet a community of people working on making somthing real. We have created a token for realestate, so the assets are as solid as gold, can’t be pumped or rugged, no way to rug a house🤣. But we are having a much harder time then we would without all these shitcoins. But that again makes us stronger

  2. Happened in the last couple of bull markets. Most of these projects will not survive a down market. They will shut down the social media feeds, telegram groups and subreddits with a messages of having to cut down costs or “switching to a DAO structure.” People will get burnt horribly by them and they will shy away from them. Meanwhile decent projects will continue to push out positive news, progress reports and will slowly gain back popularity over shitcoins.

  3. I was invested with creamPYE and they seemed to have a solid project/team, but literally out of nowhere they launched minidoge and did more for that shit coin in a day than they did in the previous months for the original project. Needless to say i sold everything, pulled my liquidity. Even better, they banned anyone who asked questions or complained about the move in TG, discord and reddit.

    their ego got so big so fast they called themselves “dev team six” hahahahaha

  4. I walked away from r/CryptoMoonShots when nothing would pass a due diligence process. These shit coins are mostly easy to see as they use the same worthless statements and claim certain features are good for investors when they are the opposite. While people will put greed over risk these scammers will carry on.

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