Rx570 8GB Crashes After Dag Gen

Anyone have ideas for this one? spent all of yesterday and most of the night before on this….no dice.


bought a graphics card with no video output but was capable of being put under load. I assumed it could have been an incorrectly flashed bios or maybe the card really was messed up physically but I could at least mine it on the cheap since I got it for $130. Got the card in the mail, tossed it in the rig and it worked fine. Anyway, I went to mod the bios with PBE but when flashing the rom back accidentally unlocked the ROM first (like for my 5700) and it bricked the card, etc. I got it back to the stock bios it came with (I also had someone track down copies of possible stock bios for this model of XFX 570 with micron ram) and rebooted into windows, ddu, reinstalled drivers and now when I go to mine the second that card finishes DAG file generation and begins mining the system locks up. It gets some sort of blue screen error regarding driver failure, VideoTDR failure, ATIKMDAG.sys, Thread stuck in device driver (commonly this), etc. This is specific to this 1 card in this rig so far

what ive tried:
-DDU, New drivers, and I’ve tried many versions
-AMD removal utility then drivers multiple times
-updated windows
-updated motherboard bios
-Set PCIE to legacy instead of UEFI
-Tested if its related to the riser its plugged into, nope another card mines fine in it
-Reset windows from within itself (this is what I’ve done short of full nuking the drive and fresh installing)
-Plugged this card into my normal pc along with my fury (it got really wonky and I was unable to see my normal card in the amd software, but I could force the 570 to mine VIA nice hash miner and forcibly starting algos on the card, however TRM would not take device commands to launch that card (GPU1) over the fury in the system (GPU 0) but I guess this could just me being unfamiliar with TRM. (but important part is it successfully mined and benchmarked) [note: I believe windows installed drivers over my old amd ones, when I pulled the card I had to reinstall radeon software for my fury but it was working fine the whole time]

I am at the end of my rope here and I come to you for potential ideas if anyone has them

Edit: I have also tested mining all 3 cards at once or simply the card causing the crash and it persists both ways

What do you think?

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  1. I found that windows has no place with mining, especially those rx 470/ RX 570. Save yourself the headache and download hiveos. If it doesn’t work in hiveos, it’s probably bricked.

  2. I have this problem in my Ryzen windows rig running a mix of Nvidia cards and this RX580.

    I have shared my experience once and how to fix it. TLDR something to do with core voltage.

    Also my RX590 when plugged in to this particular machine crashes multiple times as well until I plug my monitor directly to the card.

    Ok. I had the exact same problem most recently. But I am the buyer in my case. I traded off an 1070 with a Sapphire Nitro+ RX580. The seller was using it solely for gaming previously (Dota 2).

    I have a Sapphire RX590 in my mining rig so I was pretty confident the same settings would work with the RX580 as well.

    Not quite. The card instantly crashes upon loading of the DAG file. Ok, I thought it was the OC settings. So I removed every OC, but the card still crashes. I tried everything, from DDU, swapping the 580 to my 590 rig. Still crashes. Even reinstalling of the driver OR checking Gpu-Z crashes the card instantly.

    I was pissed off, thought I was scammed. Asked for a refund. Before going to meet him again, I gave it another chance, ran Unigine Superposition benchmark (8K reso) because I want to stress test the VRAM. My thought is that the VRAM was somehow fucked OR the card was originally a 4GB model but flashed to a 8GB bios as a scam.

    Unigine crashes on first load. But at the second run, it ran fine. Curious, I reopen Phoenix Miner without OC settings. Now it loads the DAG fine. I tried my OC settings again – Immediate crash and even removing the OC settings doesn’t work like first time. So I restarted my computer and ran the stress test again.

    Finally, I got it to work. Apparently, the voltage used for my 590 is unstable/too low for the 580. I had to increase the voltage and for some reason, it persisted even after removing OC settings and set to default with MSI afterburner. It could only be reset with Superpositon stress test.

    That’s my story.

    In any case, in my opinion. If there is really a problem with the card, since its still under store warranty, just assist him with claims.

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