Rug Busters | New token launch | Pre-Sale | Rug Free | 100% safe and with real use case

We Are Combining The Powerful Buy-Back Concept With A Lucrative Business Model To Create The Ultimate Synergy For Healthy Growth.

**In order to avoid scammers and copycats, the name will be announced prior to the start of the presale.*

We all know the popular token listing platforms like Cointhunt, Coinsniper, and Coinvote. These platforms generate a lot of organic traffic from communities that visit the website to upvote their coin in order to get exposure.

Those platforms generate revenue selling banner space and exposure on “promoted coins”.

We are taking it to the next level, creating our own Token Listing Platform.

All promotions will be paid in our native token to create momentum and taxes to the buyback wallet. This creates a revenue stream and a lot of exposure for the project so we can keep developing the product and the business.

**What does Buy-Back mean?**

Buy-back or Pump-N-Burn means that part of the tax from every transaction goes to a special Dragon Wallet. That wallet buys tokens and then burns them by sending them to a dead wallet. This increases the investor’s value and also the circulating supply value.

**About the new token**

Rug Busters are going to launch a new token this coming weekend and it is fully audited by the Rug Busters team itself. To give the community some sneak peek, here are some details about the token.

The new token is a DeFi token that rewards holders with BNB, both from slippage and from the revenue it generates. Our vision from the beginning is to make the project a use case with real revenue streams and tangible value. Like a Good Ol’ sustainable business and investment should be.

The massive demand for exposure in the crypto market makes this a no-brainer. By providing value and quality for our customers, visitors, and investors and at the same time keep developing our products we ensure a win-win for everybody.

With our roadmap filled with new cool platforms to provide exposure, we aim to become market leaders providing traffic and content of the highest quality to the ecosystem.

**📄 Tokenomics 📄**

* 7% Goes To The Pump-N-Burn Wallet. (The Dragon Wallet)
* 3% goes To The Marketing Wallet
* 2% Goes To Rugbusters Buyback Wallet (The Mothership)

Be part of this new innovative concept that combines tokenomics with real business value. For more information, join our Telegram group.


* Website: coming soon
* Telegram Community: [](
* Rug Busters’ TG: [](
* Rug Busters’ Website: [](

More information about the project will be released soon.

**🗓 Pre-sale planned on July 11th 🗓**

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