Rtx 3080 aorus extreme thermal pads inconsistency?

Hey guys.

So im losing my mind trying to replace the thermal pads on my 3080. After seeing different people’s threads, i went for 2mm gelid pads for the front, and 3 mm gelid for the back.

I cut all of them into shape and placed them then tested it with mining/gaming. (Pic1)

My memory temps dropped around more than 20 C and that was amazing. BUT. my normal gpu temps would go berserk and go over 75 celsius even with the hotspot nearing around 105.

So i went and read threads on reddit again and saw people with the same problem, saying that probably the pads are too thick and its not making proper contact. (Too thick yet everyone suggested 2mm for the front? Aight.) And the reccomendation and solution was to squish them down a little so the paste and cpu can make proper contact. So i took a picture and did that. (Pic 2)

And now behold my gpu temps are around 60 or less while mining with good hotspots as well. BUT my memory temps went berserk back to 110?? So I’m basically back to square one. I dont understand whats happening really, please have a look and tell me what do i need to do to have correct temps?
(Pic 3 and 4 how pads are right now, and backplate pic.)

What do you think?

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  1. those pad pretty dense iirc, might need to find some that are a little less dense to allow them to squish. or got with a 1.5mm. from your pic you can see there is a significant indent from being pressed on the vram. looks like you could swing the 1.5mm

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