Robert Kiyosaki is confident that the value of Bitcoin will rise to $ 1.2 million

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American businessman and author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” on personal finance, Robert Kiyosaki predicted that the value of Bitcoin will rise to about $ 1.2 million over the next five years. 

In an interview, Kiyosaki, however, stated that despite investing in Bitcoin and predicting an optimistic future, he still prefers precious metals such as gold and silver. 

Bitcoin remains untested in comparison to precious metals, he said.

“Bitcoin is still not tested. But I have everything I need to withstand the blow if it breaks down. But I love gold and silver, gold and silver are God’s money. I bought BTC for $ 9,000 and thought I was ripped off, but I bought it for $ 9,000 because COVID stopped the global economy. I think this asset will be worth at least $ 1.2 million in another five years, ”said Kiyosaki. 

Kiyosaki’s prediction has every chance of coming true

Kiyosaki’s prediction came after he successfully predicted that the leading cryptocurrency would surpass the $ 50,000 mark in 2021. He noted that his forecast was based not on the strength of the asset, but on the weakness of the US economy. According to the data, at the time of publication, the asset was trading at $ 58,708.59. 

The businessman also warned that the United States is seriously devaluing the dollar by printing excess money for stimulus packages. He added that devaluation makes Bitcoin and gold more attractive. 

According to Kiyosaki, the current economic status of the United States provides an ideal foundation for investing in other assets such as cryptocurrencies. 

“The problem has become too wide-ranging: our retirees go broke, baby boomers have no money – they shut down the economy. The system forces all of us right now to become buyers of gold, silver and, possibly, cryptocurrency, ”the businessman explained his position. 

He called the stimulus packages free money that impoverishes the poor and middle class. Therefore, Kiyosaki recommends investing in Bitcoin and gold now.

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