Risk management in futures: Set TP/SL by a certain percentage?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there was a way (not using calculator) to make binance future orders set a TP/SL at a determined percentage level.

NinjaTrader has a predefined tool that sets TP/SL according to a predefined ratio and sets them inmediately after placing an order [(Read here)]( In binance you are practically forced to mess around with numbers every time you want to trade, which results cumbersome for us that like to trade in very short timeframes (scalping).

Any ideas on how to speed up the TP/SL set process?

I tried using the long/short tool as it has risk/reward ratio feedback, but unfortunately, the tool never stays at the same levels when you create more than one or zoom in/out a little. That throws the previously set box sizes (based on percentages) and renders it useless.

What do you think?

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