RISINGSUN $RSUN — INNOVATIVE buy-back system with UNIQUE aesthetic, Experienced Dev based [PRESALE LIVE]

**🧲 The Samurai Engine 🧲**

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The Samurai Engine is the first-ever intelligent buyback system. The engine utilizes price feeds and quantitative trading algorithms to trigger buybacks at dips in price. The engine will help maintain healthy price action, rewarding long-term holders.

$RSUN is a community-driven and autonomous liquidity generation Defi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. With the help of $RSUN’s revolutionary mechanism holders can get passive BUSD rewards and earn NFT’s from holding. This all in a laidback fashion without worrying, we got dip slashing Samurais for that ⚔️ !


An 8% BUY tax assures the strength of the Rising Sun nation:

☀️ 2% is reflected to holders

☀️ 2% is provided as liquidity

☀️ 1% funds development and marketing

☀️ 3% of all buys is devoted to the Samurai Engine auto buyback mechanism

A 16% SELL tax that decreases by 1% for every 2000 holders (with minimum ~$10 RSUN, and 8% minimum sell tax) rewards investors with a long-term vision:

☀️ 2% reflected to holders

☀️ 5% provided as liquidity

☀️ 1% funds development and marketing

☀️ 8% contributes towards the Samurai Engine auto buyback mechanism

**💰 Holder Rewards 💰**

2% Reflection means ever-growing wallet size.

For every 2000 holders with minimum ~$10 tokens, the sell tax is reduced by 1% until the sell tax reaches 8%. The longer you hold, the better sell tax you get.

Holder snapshots. Diamond-handed holders will get unique and absolutely stunning NFT’s!

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