$RIDE Details – It is Gold 🥇

All taken from PR distributed directly from the company and SEC filings:

🇺🇸 As far as specifications go, we know that the four in-wheel hub motors produce a total of 600 HP (608 HP), enough for a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) sprint of 5.5 seconds and a governed top speed of 80 mph (128 km/h).

The 80 mile per hour limit is a standard set based on feedback from fleet managers. The true story is that customers and fleet managers can remove the governor 100%.

🇺🇸 There are three brand new stamping presses that are worth about $24M. If we were to replace even one of our stamping lines, it would cost over $30M each.

The factory is comprised of over 6M square feet and fully owned by Lordstown Motors.

🇺🇸 The hub motors will be validated for 100,000 miles and require little maintenance, Post said during the tour: “The hub motor itself will never need service.”

He then said the motor “doesn’t break,” explaining, “There’s no oil, there’s no pistons and those are lifetime bearings for the vehicle.”

We are completely confident for the hub motor manufacturing readiness. Hub motor assembly… This area covers 400,000 square feet and has annual capacity for 240,000 hub motors. all of our manufacturing equipment has been built, validated, and has been shipped. We will be starting our installation and commissioning process in the next two weeks. We will be ready to continue producing hub motors, now in house. – Restated June 25, 2021.

🇺🇸 Endurance Production is September with conservative 20,000 units being delivered by May 2022. They’ve been clear that the ATVM Loan or asset backed financing will speed up the production ramp up to double. The van prototype is being completed and will be displayed “by the end of summer.” Military prototypes were onsite and driven during Lordstown Week.

🇺🇸 General assembly from when we first receive the cab until when we can drive the endurance off the end of the line is eight hours. Our system is flexible enough that we can change some gapping and line speed, reducing down to as low as four hours.

We can build 30 jobs per hour in the body shop. There are 900 robots, just in the body shop.

🇺🇸 Our battery packs are warrantied for 8 years, 100,000 miles. We do not expect any degredation prior to the warranty expiration. Level 2 charging, maximum AMP is about 45 amps, using 11KW charger. We do have high speed DC charging, which is 470 amps using 150KW charger.

Battery Pack protected perfectly. Cooling is built in.

The battery shop is led by 25-year experience engineer that came from Tesla.

🇺🇸 There are eight color pallets: electric white, grit grey, titanium silver, and nightshift black. Premium color: Forest Service Green, Municipal Yellow, Petrol Blue Metallic, and Town Red.

🇺🇸 “…extremely flexible platform that will be the foundation of all future models….”

🇺🇸 Seasoned, experienced management with more coming on board. Solid orders for two years, 85% retooled and 60,000 capacity by September.

🇺🇸 During the zoom call with Automotive Press Association on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 Lordstown President Rich Schmidt said, “We will sell and deliver at least 20,000 vehicles by May 2022. These are confirmed firm orders.”

🇺🇸 Former GM Director, Global Retail & Sales Technology, John R Whitcomb joins Lordstown as Vice President, Global Commercial Operations To Lead Company’s Go-To-Market Strategy

Mr. Whitcomb has over 30 years of diverse global automotive experience, leveraging his broad expertise in strategy, business development, process design, operational execution and information technology to address complex, transformative challenges within the auto industry. Most recently, he served as a Managing Director, Global Automotive and Mobility, at Ernst & Young LLP, where he supported global OEM client innovation and transformation initiatives, and previously at General Motors as Director, Global Retail & Sales Technology, where he was responsible for establishing common, best practice business processes and the supporting technology for GM’s global sales operations, distribution network planning and analysis, and retail execution areas.

🇺🇸 Received FMVSS Penetration Requirements exceeded. Final certification test will be early fourth quarter.

🇺🇸 LORDSTOWN EXECS CONFIRM… “We’ve never seen a broken hub motor… You will break a wheel before you break a motor.”

🇺🇸 Unsprung Mass: The external Legal review including a panel of engineers and the Special Committee concluded that while hub motors have not previously been used at scale in commercially-produced passenger vehicles, the hub motor technology licensed from Elaphe is viable. The Endurance was engineered to address the unsprung vehicle mass attributable to in-wheel motors, including through tuning of the suspension, reinforcing the vehicle structure, and utilizing a heavier truck chassis. These measures are expected to alleviate any ride or durability issues that might otherwise arise.

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  1. This is the [quarterly filing]( quoted in [this article]( which the firm itself warned investors that it is
    > close to running out of cash and may be forced out of business in the next year.

    Being bullish on a company because of PR, while the company continues to lie about actual orders, so much so that the CEO resigned, is kind of odd. Pretty sure the company was late to even deliver the last quarterly results.

    If you jump in on this high likelihood you will end up with bags imo

  2. If you are basing your DD on company PR then why not just cut out the middle man and flush your money down the toilet now,

    it doesn’t matter how big their factory is or how many machines they have if they are unable to produce any vehicles, when a company issues a statement that they might not continue as a going concern that is a signal to run for the door, there are plenty of other EV plays which are in much better position

    You also left out the part that DOJ is investigating the company due to their previous unrealistic and misleading PR statements

  3. You forgot the part where they are expected to produce only 1,000 endurance trucks, had a net loss of 125 million (from 0 total profit), and the CEO resigned. I live near Lordstown and there is a reason that factory went under in the first place.

    If you’re bagholding, just say you’re bagholding. It’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes.

  4. Fuck, you’re serious?!?

    I actually thought you were highlighting what a pile of shit this company is until I started reading your responses!


  5. >The hub motors will be validated for 100,000 miles


    What does this even mean? 100k miles isn’t shit for a fleet vehicle. I know plenty of fleet owners who put 60-150k miles on in their first year (installation contractors who drive to install sites with tools/equipment).

  6. These people who are pumping $RIDE should be ashamed of themselves. They are in serious trouble. They don’t have enough cash to start production, they are being probed by DOJ and SEC, and their CEO and CFO just both resigned and they’ve brought in a consulting firm Alixpartners. There is very little probability anything good happens with this stock. The only positive really is it doesn’t have any debt. But it doesn’t make money, doesn’t make vehicles yet, and somehow is still burning 60 million a month.

  7. Way too much crap in this post. Should be shorter containing the main takeaways. Stock is basically valued as trash currently, reading recent financial reviews.

    From a technical standpoint, four motors in a wheel vs one or two has certain disadvantages such as increased vibration (due to being closer to the wheel), more moving parts, greater complexity. I dont see VW going heavy in that technology, so that should is a bad sign as well.

    At least your post is generating a lot of comments.

  8. Common fucking sense.
    1) GM is and has been pulling the strings.
    2) LMC is in a swing state and they’re not about to shudder the plant especially now that it’s tooled to mass produce the worlds first electric pickup truck.
    3)Why the fuck would GM drop a big ass battery plant on premises?

    In hind sight Burns fucked up using Trump and Pence and that’s why everything he did was magnified.

    The truck sweet and it screams. They’re not going anywhere.

    Get real folks.

  9. Woulda, shoulda, coulda moments here for all these naysayers that can barely compose second grade grammar. INSTITUTIONS HOLDING : BLACKROCK , VANGUARD, FIDELITY, SCHWAB.
    Bwahahahaha!!! But hey ,look at the bright side! $15/hour makes living in your mom’s basement almost tolerable.

  10. The farther you read down this crap, the higher the production capacity became. 🤣🤣🤣 even tho the company has said explicitly they can only afford to build 1k trucks this year. You got them cranking out 60k in the sad empty factory.

  11. I just read thru OP’s delusional comments as he desperately hope anyone will buy this POS hot garbage.

    To the OP: move your money somewhere else, that will be much faster than trying to convince ppl online this shit is “gold”

    delusional dumbass

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