Revolution Monsters (Revomon) – Collectible NFT game including Play To Earn features. All playable in Virtual Reality.

**Revomon** is an online monster trainer RPG that fully integrates NFTs with cutting edge VR, allowing players to create real value in a virtual world. [](

Great interest has been shown from the REDDIT USERS playing in Virtual Reality, that is an INSANE proof that the project has huge interest but also a proof that explaing the benefit of blockchain for these classic users is still not easy and we need to do it: [](

The game is in early access and numerous Youtubers already published some gameplay videos:


REVO token is crosschain, **BEP-20 and ERC-20**

Staking is ongoing here, with decent APR: [](


100m $REVO tokens minted and the mint function is disabled:
13m tokens sold during sales; (4m presale / 9m public sale)
23m tokens marketing
7,8m tokens partnership
35,2m tokens staking/farming
11m tokens play to earn (ecosystem)
2,5m tokens liquidity Pancakeswap
7,5m tokens team

All is locked and shared in the whitepaper/tokenomics part

Initial mcap at launch: $442k (taking into account the vesting period)
Presale was 0,11
Public is 0,14
Listing is 0,17

**Useful links:**

Twitter: [](

Buy directly on the website (button to pancackeswap / uniswap): [](

Whitepaper: [](

Roadmap: [](

Marketing Plan for upcoming weeks: [](

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