Regarding the wallet pushback

I see a lot of people in here concerned about the “sluggish” progression on the wallet and it pains me to see you all in this stress. Here’s my two cents.

Many people here have never worked development jobs and it shows, not that this is a bad thing but there are misconceptions about development. Setting goals for these kind of projects is something different than your boss telling you to produce x amount of product y a day. Development just takes a lot of time, many if not most big development projects have delays.

That aside, I do think they have reached a phase where everyone that is interested in crypto will have heard of safemoon and that shilling is becoming less important. Meaning that they should hype less and rather be more upfront about the status of things.

Nevertheless, the fundamentals have not changed, and thus the reason I have invested my hard earned money into this has not changed, so for me there is no reason to sell.

I just hope this has calmed some of you down and helped you see that there is nothing to worry about, just a couple more bumps which the develepors had not foreseen.

What do you think?

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