Reflections are not everything.

Edit: I understand reflections may change if/when the burn stops, then my opinion would have to be reevaluated.

Original Post:

I see many holders say don’t worry about the price because reflections is everything.

I disagree that it is everything. Reflections are one thing of several ways to look at how you make money with Safemoon.

It depends how much you hold.

To someone holding for example 25 million tokens, at $.01 with total value of $250k with 20 billion of volume that is 50 dollars a day of reflection. That person would probably cash out their $250k depending on their life situation.

Someone holding 1 billion tokens at the same $.01 with total value of $10m with same 20 billion of volume is $1000 a day. That person might have more to think about since now $1000 a day is slightly substantial.

Now someone with 10 billion tokens , all the same again. Value of $100m with daily $10k in reflections. That person might just live off reflections.

However the missing issue here is that your keeping all your eggs in one basket if you choose to live off reflection. Your not diversified and if something happens to Safemoons your livelihood is depending 100% on them. If you choose to diversify now your dipping into your bag and your reflections start to lessen due to total amount you hold.

These factors is why I think reflections isn’t everything it’s a depends on your situation. I feel that those who can hold to a penny and hold under 100m are probably going to cash out. It will be those with a substantial amount that will have to do the math and choose between instant secured (diversified) wealth or slower compounding wealth by reflections.

So what does this mean? In my opinion horde as much Safemoon as your can, it’s an awesome problem to have to figure out if you cash out or live off reflections.

What do you think?

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  1. Who says $1 Billion in daily volume is realistic for us (serious question, not talking crap)

    I’m saying this because if it is realistic… I could live of my reflections COMFORTABLY lol, so I’m thinking it MUST be too good to be true)

  2. It wont be possible for safemoon to get to a penny with tons of people holding billions of safemoon…. so everyone here will be multimillionaire’s off their 200 dollar investment? Jeeeeezus

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