Reflection of Meaning to combat hope fatigue

Greeting all, this is my first post so grant me a bit of grace.

I am a doctoral student in Psychology and am training to look for sentiment, meaning, and behavior. A pattern I have noticed going through this Reddit over the last two months is a noticeable uptick in frustration with the drop in price.

(Certainly not from everyone, but I think we can all point to examples in the comments)

For the vast majority of investors, superficially, we are in this to make money. What we are really after is the meaning that is attributed to having money.

It may be freedom from an oppressive situation, the means to have a healthy work life balance. Perhaps stability and the resources to properly care for those we love. It could be to receive recognition and strengthen an ego harmed because you thought, acted, or loved different than others and were ostracized (Wen Lambo?).

Whatever the meaning, you are searching for, Safemoon represents hope to achieve and fill that need.

When we place so much positive emotional investment on this project to change our future it can lead to negative emotional outcomes when challenges come up. We can lose patience with each other, the development team, or even ourselves.

That hope can also lead to developing unrealistic expectations for what is reasonable, and set us up for further disappointment.

It is good practice to take time away and make space for reflection from time to time. From my perspective, most here are not frustrated with the project and where it is heading, but instead frustrated with something else in their life that they want fulfilled through the hope they have place in this project.

Let the bumps we encounter now, and stick through, be a point of pride. “Back in my day we had to give up a kidney and pancake swap it to a liver just to buy at the all time high”.

Be kind, stay positive and ground your expectations regardless of the hyped up kick ass theories you read about, your mental health will thank you.

What do you think?

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  1. “What we are really after us the meaning attributed to having money”

    I love when people start talking about value! SafeMoon isn’t something that will make my life easy because I’ve become rich. In fact, I’m looking for the opportunity to make my life more complex in ways that I’m limited financially. I would like to build a home from scratch, with furniture made in my fully operational wood shop, I’d like to foster dogs in a dog sanctuary that I run myself. I’d like to have the money to cook my own meals — fresh food spoils too quickly and my appliances don’t allow for culinary growth. I would like to be a student of this world in more ways, because I believe knowledge and memories are the only valuable things we have in our final moment — I would like to maximize the value of my final moment by enjoying the challenges I could buy myself with riches.

  2. Be careful when you use the word reflection in this sub, especially around this time of month!

    Your post reminded me of a very good story I once read, written by a psychologist I think!

    It’s not related to your post about the SafeMoon community, but more to the reddit and the human condition in general.

    I read it a few years ago when it came out, but it seems more relevant (and prophetic) now than ever.

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