Recover privatekey from signed message

I’m reaching out here to see if it’s possible to recover a privatekey for a doge wallet using a signature from a signed message.

Back in 2014 I signed a message using the command:

signmessagewithprivkey “privkey” “message”

All I have is the signature file, address and the message. I’m able to verify the message using

verifymessage “address” signature” “message”

It’s been a few months of me searching every hard drive I have for my wallet.dat file. There’s over 60K DOGE in this wallet.

I’ve tried a python script to get a private key using an ECDSA signature (which I’m assuming is what the signature file I have is). The output is Base 16 I think but the Dogecoin private key is base58.

I feel like I’m super close to recovering this key.

What do you think?

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