Real Project! Audited by Techrate and Fully Doxxed ✅ 🌱Presale on 16.07! Big Marketing ✅ 10k+ Members🌱 Flourish Coin!

🌱 Flourish Coin 🌱

Virtue can only flourish among equals.

✅Audited by Techrate
✅Tested and verified on the BSC
✅Big marketing campaign
✅10k Telegram members + other language Telegram groups (~3k) before Launch!

As an experienced Team Flourish is excited to announce their new Token.
Flourish is a Token with unique, advanced tokenomics. While beeing deflationary and yield generating, it also features a buy-back mechanic with integrated burn, so you never have to see a red-selling streak again while the value of your tokens constantly rise! Adding to all this is an integrated fee for our donation pool, which will be solely used for charity with 100% transparency!

It took quiet some time to get everything as wanted, and Flourish is proud to go public with it.

🍀 Tokenomics:

12% Tax beeing split into following features:

4% Buy back feature on every transaction (from which 50% gets burned🔥, 50% to liquidity🔐)

– ✅ Buyback means that after each Sell a second transaction will automatically be set with 4% of the volume from the initial transaction. These 4% then get split 50/50 like above.
– ❌ No more red selling streaks!

💰 3% Redistribution to holders

📈 3% Goes to marketing

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 2% Added to the charity donation pool
– This wallet will be tracked and kept 100% transparent to every of the holders. These funds will solely be used to donate to good causes of any type. Flourish primarily aims to help people with mental and physical disabilities, because these people don’t receive much attention in our current society. But they are open for suggestions from you guys at any given time!

Flourish also features an anti🚫 whale-protection🚫 feature. Only 0.1% of max. supply can be sold/send/bought at once if the owner has more then 0.5% of the max. supply.

❗️Important❗️to know! :

Presale on the 16th of July!

Contract is audited by Techrate and tested/verified on the Binance Smart Chain already!

They are doxxed and open for any kind of questions regarding our team, contract or project!

They spend a lot for marketing of all sorts. Youtube, TikTok Telegram/Twitter promotions, Giveaways etc.

They will continue extensive marketing post launch!

Where you can find them:




Stay tuned about the project.

Website including white paper, audit, team and everything you need to know is live. You will have plenty of time to inform yourself, check contract later on and ask every question you want to know to get confident!

See you soon!

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