Question to all you hodlers and dip buyers

How do you keep a relatively objective eye on things? Because by being here you definitely will constantly see “HODL” and “buy more, it’s ok” notions, because this sub is a bubble of ETH enthusiasts. What else do you read? I’m sure at least a third of people here (like myself) have zero to very little clue about what are they doing when it comes to investing in ETH and are just following the stream and alleged lucrative possibilities at some point later, together with a vague idea that this technology is the future, while I, for example, can’t explain how exactly does it work while believing that it is indeed the future (no disrespect though).

What do you think?

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  1. For me I read the white paper. Read the articles. Watched the shills, got burned on the shit coins and found ETH to be different. Useful and established enough but still early to not miss the boat. I think it’s got better chances to multiple x’s than BTC. So I staked my whole bag. I’m locked in. That’s my perspective I’m riding this pig to the moon or into the ground

  2. Here’s the thing. Based on what you wrote, I’m assuming you’re younger and don’t have a grasp of investing fundamentals such as DD/TA, portfolio balance, risk tolerance / evaluating risk of an investment, expected ROI over time, or needed portfolio value & revenue by X date and goals to meet that.

    All of the above plus many other issues I didn’t mention, tax implications short & long term being the biggest which is ironic because I’m a CPA, will answer your questions.

    I started off by saying I assume you’re younger because an older person should have a portfolio via their work 401k if nothing else & a grasp of when they need investments to pay off & a grasp of what they can afford to invest with their remaining income minus expenses/taxes/IRÁ deductions. That would keep them realistic in a lot of ways.

    But I guess the simplest way to say this, is ETH is going to increase in value. So is BTC. A couple others for sure. The rest, I dunno about & at some point there’s going to be a bad market correction and many projects will go tits up. The strong will survive though, Amazon Ebay and Google all survived and thrived post Dot Com Bubble. A bunch of others didn’t so be careful with any others you’re considering.

    But other than that, it’s your life & your money. If you’re willing to live in your car for a year to put rent money into ETH/BTC. I’d say that’s a)badass and b) equivalent to someone doing the same thing in the 90s to buy Amazon & eBay stock. I.e. you’re kinda nuts, but I actually think that’s an awesome plan that’ll payoff.

    ETA: to put things in perspective. My wife & I are going to rent for the next 12 months & we’re using the money we got from selling our home to invest and grow while we wait for the housing market to cool off. Crypto is a big part of the investment & Im anticipating being able to buy a house outright or mostly outright instead of 35-40% down (moved from a booming city with crazy home prices to my hometown which is much more rural). So I don’t really think you can get too much of certain crypto right now if you can afford to wait awhile. This market is gonna start heading back up before the end of the year if that’s what you’re so worried about.

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