Question about tokenomics and volume

Ok, so if you were to buy and sell then you face a 10% fee each time. Let’s say someone puts in 1000 dollars, we know off rip they lose 100 and really buy 900 worth. If price was held consistent, at what point would one recoup their original investment with a steady volume? You have to remember there is another 10% tax for selling. So let’s say I receive reflections on my Safemoon and the fiat price is now 1100 (gained 200 bucks worth of reflections after the first buy). Well now there’s another 10% tax so that puts ya down to 1000 once again. Anyone know how to chop these numbers up? I don’t have time to do extensive research, but this seems to be an important question because I don’t think people realize how much money is skimmed off the top. This is not FUD so don’t go crazy on me, it’s just a legitimate question

What do you think?

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  1. It’s all about price. To break even on a 1000 investment you’d have to make 1200 so the price would have to increase by 2. In other words, a 1k investment at .000003 would break even at .000005.

  2. Sorry. I misread. It depends on volume. If volume is 20 mil you’d make about.25 a day on a billion token bag. So 800 days you’d have your initial investment back.

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  4. A really good tool is the sfm mark calculator. on the bottom of the screen is a calculator button.

    You can use that to calculate compounding reflections based off either the current daily volume or an adjustable daily volume to see what your reflections would be under hypothetical pretense.

  5. Tokenomics muddies the water, because if it were just about price, then you’d need to go up 20% in price to recoup the initial investment. It’s not though – you get a share of sales, similar to staking. So in theory if you buy and the next day it goes up 20%, you can cash out at a break even. If it stays the same price for 5 years but you gain enough reflections to break even, then you can do it that way. Tokenomics changes the game.

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