Question about COMIT atomic swap and hold up

Seeing (way too late) the success of the pancake swap / uniswap party, it got me more interested in COMIT’s progress.

Some questions:

1. It appears btc > xmr functionality works (testnet ) but not xmr > btc. I don’t understand how it can be one directional like that.. how will I be able to list my xmr for the bitcoiner?

2. I’m trying to gauge the odds of xmr > btc atomic swap being possible. According to the bottom of this COMIT blog, for xmr > btc to work, a hard fork is required but is hopeful, since Tryptich will be modifying the same “section” of that code anyway:

The bottom of that page also refers to this ongoing discussion on GitHub

The GitHub discussion seems to indicate that the unlock time being removed is what’s needed for xmr > btc atomic swap to work, but the COMIT blog didn’t make that clear, did I miss it? That can’t be a major requirement right? Isn’t the unlock time integral to the privacy mechanism behind monero?

What do you think?

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  1. > I don’t understand how it can be one directional like that..

    Note that in a swap, there will always be a buyer and seller. That is, you’ll have one party that sells BTC and buys XMR, whereas the other (counter) party will buy BTC and sell XMR. The swap will thus always be bi-directional. The ‘issue’ currently is that only the Bitcoin (BTC) side can initiate the swap.

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