Problems with RX 6800

Hello, I have some problems with my RX 6800. So yesterday I got my first mining rig with one GPU, I tried at first to do the overclocks from [Mining Chamber](, it worked for 20-30 minutes until my screen turned completely green, and the only way to fix it was to unplug the rig or turn off the PSU because the power button would not work and I couldn’t do anything with the mouse or keyboard.
Today I tried these overclocks: [Overclock 1](, [Overclock 2](, [Overclock 3]( They did the same thing as yesterday and I had to switch off the PSU while the rig was running multiple times.
But now I have a problem and that is no matter what kind of overclocks I try when I start the miner my screen would start flashing green and if I don’t close it immediately it would turn green and the same story as before.

The only thing that I changed in the BIOS was to set the PCI-E speed to Gen 2, and 4G decoding was already on.
My components are:
Motherboard: [Asus Rog Strix B560-F Gaming Wifi](
CPU: [Intel Core I3-10100](
Storage: [Kingston A400 480GB, M.2 SATA SSD](
Ram: [2x 8GB DDR4-3200 Kingston HyperX Fury](
GPU: [Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 6800 OC 16 GB GDDR6](
PSU: [Gigabyte GP-P1000GM 80+ Gold](

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  1. I’ve also had problems, but I have only mined with it, not really used it as GPU. My problem has been the card likes to drop it’s hashrate down. If I get it to work 10 hours it will work 100 hours. But if I stuggle to get it to work, I struggle hard. Also I get about 61 MH/s in long run, not the 63-64 MH/s that’s mentioned quite many places.


    Set display color 8 bit from first Radeon software, then from Windows display settings. I had this weirness when I briefly tried to play with it, that it set 10 bit. I got weird blinking every now and them. From what I’ve read, things like VRR/freesync and HDR can cause some of these problems. But my monitor doesn’t support any such. And I can’t remember, but trying to set it just from other place, didn’t actually change it, I had to change it both Radeon software and Windows. I don’t think gen 2 is required anyhow but it should not hurt, it’s mainly used when you have several cards in same board and are trying to get them all work.

    Fresh reboot
    Set the memory timing to fast, set memory to 2100 MHz. Set fans 70%(flat line from the radeon software). Max core speed 1600 MHz. Then start miner, I’ve used teamredminer. (It will ask to run two different batch files if you start it first time, and then reboot.)

    Also small tip, since you have iGPU, you can set it as primary from bios, and have the monitor connected to it when you boot. Then you can mostly use it for graphics. Then you can switch the monitor into the dedicated GPU, and it should automatically switch using that instead, when you are going to play. It will save about 3-5 MH/s when the GPU is not doing any graphics, particularly watching videos will hurt the hashrate.

    Try older drivers too, I think I saw most recent drivers were causing problems in mining. Not to me though.

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