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I have been a ledger user for a few years now and have ordered from them multiple times both for myself and friends, there has never been a problem. A friend of mine got into crypto last year and i ordered 2 ledgers for him and another friend at black friday when they had the discount price.

Shipment status was the same for weeks, after 2 months i sent a mail to ledger and few weeks later they responded that they would look into it, i sent a mail a few weeks later and got the same response. Collismo had the same status and one time when i checked the status i got someone elses tracking info, with name, address and so on. About 2 months ago i sent ledger a mail and said i want a replacement shipment to which they accepted but i am still waiting for the tracking number.

Anyways, last week i got a notification that i had a package from France(Tracking number from the first order), I got it today and when i opened it, there was just 1 ledger instead of the 2 that i ordered.

I just wanted to write this here, everytime i have contacted Ledger support i have waited atleast 1 month and Collismo has no email, the status of my order that i just collected is still in France according to Collismo

What do you think?

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