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I have a computer with 3060ti not doing anything so I set it to mine ETH on Hiveon. It took two months or so to get to 0.1. I got the payout but it took too much time so I tought maybe to ssitch pools. And last week I switched to ethermine. I am usimg Phoenix miner so I just took their preset .bat file and changed wallet address. I’ve connected my Trust Wallet via WalletConnect and switched to L2 Polygon so I get a daily payout when I reach 0.005ETH. It takes 3 days to reach that amount. Cool. **But I am not getting any eth in my wallet**. What is going on? I have waited 6 days for two payouts but account is still empty.

I am open to changing the pool as long as payouts are short to couple of days. Please help 🙂

Edit: If you want to get automaticaly reported for wallet scam send me a DM! 🙂

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  1. Could it be something like nicehash? Where like you get a small “payout” to the pools internal wallet? And then when you get enough there it sends to your personal wallet? Like with nice hash anything over I think it’s 1000 satoshis gets sent to your mining address, and then when there’s 100,000 satoshis in your mining wallet you can withdraw to your own wallet.

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