Privapp Network – The new generation privacy-based web technologies. Listed on CMC & Coingecko


**Privapp Network consists of Priva Token (PRIVA) and all the services provided over application without compromising your safety and privacy. PRIVA is a utility token, serving multiple purposes and ensures the safety and growth of our network. At first sight, PRIVA is a multi-functional token that drives behavior for both end-users & developers.**

**How does it offer privacy?**

**Chain signatures, secret chain transactions, and hashed wallet addresses are used to hide sender-recipient addresses and transaction amounts. Chain signatures are defined as digital contracts that can be signed by all users belonging to a group, who have the key. Everyone in the group has the authority to sign, but the identity of the signer is unknown. Privapp offers users everything that a completely decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem can without compromising the concept of privacy, our basic human right.**

**Future Projects**




**Token Information**

**Total Supply: 2,000,000**
**Token Name: PRIVA**
**Token Symbol: bPRIVA**
**Decimals: 8**
**Contract Address: 0xD0f4afA85a667d27837e9c07c81169869c16Dd16**
**Network: BSC**

**PRIVA Listed On**


**Find Us**

Website: [](

Twitter: [](

Telegram: [](

Reddit: [](

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