Possible To Import Private Keys?

I got my Nano X recently (after receiving a faulty one initially, which was replaced).

I’ve downloaded the Ledger Live software on my PC as well as my phone. I have a lot of wallet.dat files and private keys collected from over the years and I was worried about leaving them on a online PC, venerable to hacks. I wanted to place them on a hardware wallet as well as write down all private keys on paper and store them in a safe place in my house as a backup.

Does this make sense? However, I am totally baffled as I can’t find anywhere on the software that allows me to import a private key into Ledger. I also tried to import MetaMask by using their import to Ledger process, but it never lists my wallet ID’s, it just has pages and pages of random accounts that aren’t mine. I don’t know why that isn’t working.

I’m very confused right now. Am I using it correctly or have I completely misunderstood the purpose of the wallet? I was happy to pay good money so I can pull all my privkey info and wallet.dat files off my PC (just putting them on a few offline USB sticks now as a offline backup), and have them all on a hardware wallet safe and secure.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Makes no sense. The utmost important thing the ledger does is creating secure, offline, hardware generated private keys.

    Importing existing keys makes the ledger instantly useless.

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