Possible COVID comeback 2.0

Covid has a very real possibility of mutating and fucking up the whole world economy (yet again).

Unless there is an altruistic mass authoritarian-level vaccine campaign (very VERY unlikely), Covid could very well out-mutate the effectiveness of the current vaccines.

The last time the world came together to eradicate a virus was Smallpox. Smallpox is VERY obvious when it comes to who has it, and can be isolated. Even then, the campaign to eradicate it in India and Africa was a huge challenge. AND THIS WAS BEFORE ANY ANTI-VAXX religiosity was prevalent.

The biggest warning signs that this shit could out-mutate the vaccine:

* Countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, etc. have been hit hard recently even with many hardline restrictions already in place. These former restrictions aren’t as effective as they were when the original strain first hit in 2020
* All news articles talk about vaccines being effective against the **Delta** **Variant.** This seems like a convenient way to say “everything is fine”. I’m not concerned with the Delta variant, I’m concerned with the next generations of mutations. Seems like a convenient half-truth, doublespeak by the media and politicians incase shit hits the fan. [remember when all the congressmen and senators went on TV to say ‘it’s all good folks’, when they dumped all their stocks]
* It only takes a few people traveling internationally to bring about a resurgence of the virus, and if a strain crossing borders vaccine resistant…do you honestly think people will practice any social distancing measures after going crazy in 2020. They would probably rather risk dying. Hence a full blown

If there are any scientists who have credible sources to back me up or make me feel retarded, please share.

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What do you think?

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  1. If there’s ever a COVID 2.0 thing in which the world is screwed up and closed down again, there ain’t no question that this shit was made in a lab 💀💀

  2. the real question is will the world just sit back and not demand china pay for all the damages from its bioweapon attack or will we get a trade way and possibly hot war? id be down to watch the entire world gang up on china and destroy them once and for all

  3. The problem with covid now is people don’t care..

    No one is wearing masks. Shit is open full time.

    Apathy has hit it’s maximum and unless governments force another shut down it won’t happen.

  4. Yea screw that vaccine. Not going to end up in a wheel chair from it like that 12 yr old girl. There’s too much government money behind these vaccines and they’re rushing them to market for a fat paycheck. Wash your damn hands and don’t be stupid. Covid flared up after the mask policy because people focused more on a mask for protection then damn washing their hands. Had zero cases at work prior to mandatory mask then at least 1-2 cases a week about a month after the mask mandate.

  5. If covid were actually deadly I would agree with you but in most cases you have to be tested to even know if you have it. Most people recover fine on their own, vaccinated or not.

  6. A lot of the uncertainty of covid has been sorted out over the last year and a half. Right hospitals are ready and equipped to deal with outbreaks. And the economy has adapted to work from home, at least for many jobs.

    A resurgence of covid won’t be the surprise that the first wave was.

  7. If there is anything I have learned from Covid is that its probably the greatest thing that ever happened to the economy. Savings are up. Stonks are up. A second round should send everything to ATH!

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