Pool Mining – Less shares / different value per share / depending on Pool?

Could someone explain to my why certain pools give more or less shares at the same hash rate I am providing? Additional to that I d’like to know if these shares also have different values depending on the pool where they are mined ?

I am asking because I have tested different pools with my PC, where I am using a GTX 2070 Super.. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I am just interested in it so I tested a bit.

During these mining tests with different pools I have made the following observations: 0,50~ shares per minute

Binance Pool: 0,30 ~ shares per minute

Hiveoon Pool: 1,7~ shares per minute

But I don’t really see huge differences in rewards.. they are kinda roughly the same .

What do you think?

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  1. Short answer is it doesn’t matter, and don’t worry about it as long as your income is equivalent (which it generally will be on average).

    Depends on luck, software and settings used by the pools, etc.

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