Pool Comparison – Ethermine & Flexpool (7 day update)

Update from [previous thread:](

Flexpool [FEROSCIOUSLY took the lead]( before having some quieter days recently.

On one of the days my internet went to crap and was down for 5 hours while I was at work, luckily that was the only mishap of the week. Both rigs were impacted equally by it (Although you could argue that in those 5 hours flexpool/ethermine could have hit juicy blocks…)

A reminder that the MAIN FOCUS of this test is for me to determine whether it’s better to use a pool with much lower latency (30ms v 180ms). People requested a 7 day update, so here it is. Make what you want of the data, this is the data I have.

Will be posting a 14 day update, then I was thinking of running the same experiment but POST EIP 1559.

Hope you are all enjoying today’s crypto relief prices, take care, stay safe and happy mining.

[Link to Spreadsheet](

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  1. As I mentioned in your previous thread.

    PPLNS is based on luck on the amount of shares found.

    As you can see, Ethermine with the larger hashrates, finds blocks consistently and payout is rather equal

    Flexpool is smaller, finds less blocks, but payout is higher due to the lower amount of miners.

    The time average (given an infinite amount of time) should be similar with one another with the same hashing power. That is how statistics work.

    Pros of using a larger pool

    – Less risk
    – Consistent payout

    Pros of using a smaller pool

    – Chances of getting a higher payout

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