PolygonFarm Finance 💎RugDoc KYC & Review Completed 💎 Next Big Farm on Polygon 💎Very Low Marketcap

PolygonFarm Finance

Next generation Stable Yield Aggregator & Farm on Polygon

Completed KYC with RugDoc
✅We are really committed to the project & we believe in transparency so we have completed RugDoc KYC – …

PolygonFarm Finance is a next-generation Stable yield farming protocol on the Polygon network with lots of unique and creative features which will make sure that our SPADE Token stay stable over long tern which will assure stable APR / Earning for all users. We will introduce many new features which will make our SPADE Token Burning & Price inflation.

Name of our PolygonFarm Token is “SPADE” Maximum SPADE Supply Capet at only 500,000 SPADE Token (O.07 SPADE/block)

You can Buy SPADE Token from SUSHI Swap​

Limited Token Supply:
SPADE Token has a fixed supply of only 500,000.

200 SPADE tokens pre-minted to provide the initial liquidity.

Stable APR for Farms & Staking Pool:
Unlike other Yield Farming platform where APR drops frequently within few days, our Farm & Pool’s APR will have Stable APR for long term because we will develop & implement many token Burning Mechanism which will lead stable SPADE Token price leads to a Stable APR for all Farms, Staking Pools.

Our optimized yield strategies ensure you get some of the best competitive & Stable APR rates out there!

on our PolygonFarm users can Stake LP Tokens to earn SPADE Token.

🚀Staking Pool:
On Staking Pools users can Stake Tokens to earn Stable APR in the form of SPADE Token

Staking Pools is one of the best & Safest investment in DeFi as there no Impermanent Loss.

🚀Referral Program:
An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends and earn passive income through farming. Referrers can earn 1.5% of his/her friends’ earnings forever.

🚀Auto-Farm Vault:
Auto-Farm Vault will Auto-Compound your LP while you can enjoy your life without working about manual compounding.

Vaults is run by smart contracts strategy that uses an algorithm to automatically harvest your pending rewards and increase your LP token amount. This allows you to earn a passive income by continuously compounding your LP Tokens.

Think of vaults as smart farms, where you don’t need to go through the hassle of harvesting rewards, selling half, adding liquidity and re-staking those LP tokens. All those hassle are solve by our Auto-Farm Vault as our Vault Smart contract will do everything for you.


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SPADE Token : 0xf5EA626334037a2cf0155D49eA6462fDdC6Eff19

Masterchef: 0x9A2C85eFBbE4DD93cc9a9c925Cea4A2b59c0db78

We have Locked Liquidity for 6 Months – …

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