Podcasting 2.0 with BCH instead of BTC/Lightning

Adam Curry promoted []( which is the project page for what he calls Podcasting 2.0. It’s basically a namespace addition for RSS feeds that allows for inclusion of a value XML tag where a lightning node can be specified so creators can receive boosts (I.e. one time payments) and streaming payments per a specific interval. It’s called Value4Value and meant to give podcast creators a way to monetize the podcast without being concerned with finding ads to promote or possibly self censorship because an ad partner doesn’t approve of certain content. It’s a noble idea to preserve decentralized censorship free podcasting.

To enable this one has to obviously edit the RSS feeds, which most podcasters won’t be able to since they don’t self host but use a 3rd party podcasting service. To mitigate this, has a list of all podcast to which you can add yours through where a lightning node id can be entered. All apps/services using as their feed source will then be served the feed and the new tag with the node id. Through a growing number of podcast apps and websites one can now listen to those Value4Value enabled podcasts and fund a wallet which will then be used to “stream” payments to the podcast creator and send boost payments.

It’s a pretty involved process for the podcast creator, most aren’t technically enough inclined to figure out how this all ties together. On top of that it uses lightning and you have to run a node or use a service that does that for you. So a pain in the but to develop for compared to the good old node RPC api.

Two thoughts: I think BCH is a better candidate for this for both podcast creators (no need to mess around with lightning) and developers. The other issue I have is that enabling Value4Value has to be done by modifying the RSS feed in a way most podcasters won’t be able to (hence the proxying by wouldn’t it be easier if podcasters could just add their BCH address somewhere in the episode description? This also has the added benefit that podcastindex’s feed API then doesn’t become the single point of failure.

Any thoughts on podcasting 2.0 in general or if it’s worth developing a site/app with BCH support?

What do you think?

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  1. This is absolutely a great idea, and a BCH version of this would be fantastic.

    I’m a fan and creator of podcasts myself, and have often thought about how podcasts could be monetized with BCH. I assumed it would have had to be done with a special podcast app with a built in BCH wallet, but, if it can be done with RSS feeds or XML, all the better.

    One feature that I think would be incredible for podcasts would be to attach a payment to a timestamp so that podcast creators would know exactly when in their podcast they did something their audience liked. So, for example, say a podcaster said something funny at the 15 minute mark of their podcast. If you could send a few satoshis with some kind of meta data that included a time mark of 15 minutes, then the podcaster would know that it was because of that joke, that moment, that inspired the listener to pay.

    >wouldn’t it be easier if podcasters could just add their BCH address somewhere in the episode description?

    Personally I don’t think this would clear most users threshold for ease and usability. The ideal scenario would be to have a podcast app enabled for payments so that a user could click a button and send a payment right when they are listening. Or some kind of integrated interface for setting up regular payments. If a user has to pull out a separate app and deal with qr codes or copying and pasting addresses, then that’s only going to be used by people who are already committed BCH enthusiasts, and not being anyone new into the BCH eco system.

  2. It’s worth developing a crypto-agnostic solution that will therefore attract the genuine thinkers and interesting creators out there, who will inevitably favour platforms that offer [crypto-independence](, rather than going for the cheap victory of a BCH-lock-in platform and ending up with yet another paradise for purely profit-driven spammers who will produce reams of identical sounding pro-BCH podcasts — that may please BCH partisans but will be perceived by others as an ad mill and will provide little of actual value to the world at large, and thus make the BCH community appear to be a cultural wasteland. That would not be a win in the long run. We need fewer lock-in platforms, *not* more. We need open standards for interoperating at every level, between cryptocurrencies as well as everything else. That is the original spirit of RSS, and to try to turn podcasting into a captured market for either BTC or BCH seems counter to that spirit, not to mention counter to the best interests of free will in general.

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