Pocket Doge 🐕✨- $PDOGE. ⭐️ Ability to switch to ANY token for Reflections ⭐️ Community decides what is reflected next.

Pocket Doge🐕✨ ~ Multi-token to your pocket.

So many doge. Too much token. How choose?

Wait…. Why Choose?

Pocket Doge is easily the most innovative token I’ve been a part of ⚡️. The community is amazing, the team is open, transparent, and down to Earth. They were the first to build a “Select what we reflect” format, this means that the community will decide which token they think it’s the best for the reflection (10%!) they’re earning 💸.


15% Total:

-10% reflected in whatever the community wants that day/week

-3% to Buyback

-2% to Marketing/Dev

Crazy cool features built in like the ability to switch to a stable coin when the price of the token they’re reflecting drops too much 📉. A function to reflect more than one token at the same time 🖇. You literally only have to hold PDOGE and you can invest in every single new token out there. They just have to be legit projects.

This is a long term hold, Great community and raised over 250 BNB from presale rounds. Launch is coming on Thursday. 40% of presale goes to marketing. Whitelist for best shillers coming soon.

One of the community members even [made a soundtrack]( for them! It’s absolutely nuts there. Come take a look!

Telegram: [](

Website: [](

Twitter: [](

Soundtrack: [](

What do you think?

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  1. This project is about to blow up everywhere, the usecase is so unique that they have already some copycats, the devs are so open and they’re always on VC to answer questions, oh and check their website; is beautiful.


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