PLTR strangles for tomorrow

I looked at PLTR strangles for tomorrow to see which ones would be the most profitable for either a +4% or -4% movement in PLTR, and these are what I came up with.



The first red rectangle I MSPaint’d in is the average of the leverages the spread has in the event of a +4% PLTR move and a -4% PLTR move. The software can filter out any spreads that aren’t profitable in both directions so I did that and just sorted by the average leverage to find the ones that seem most attractive for some cheap (but potentially effective) YOLO plays.

The righthand box shows you the estimated (using Black & Scholes) movement in the spread (and individual options) value for both -4% and +4%, and the average of the two, which is in terms of premium (so a 0.112 price change is actually $11.20).

This is all using B&S modeling and is not a certainty, this is not financial advice, blah blah


I’m gonna do some similar looking for stuff every now and then depending on what the sub’s looking at, to help you apes get a good idea of what kinds of moves you could make. APES STRONG

What do you think?

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  1. I actually……like this. I’m a noob with options but my understanding is that with your long strangle you’ll have a floor on your potential losses while any extreme move +ve or -ve will get you some nice profits.

    So that %OTM means the % chance of… winning money or losing money?

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