Please prove me wrong

Granted I’ve had a couple drinks but I lay here in my bed realizing that most of you won’t last. No I’m not saying you won’t make money, because if your here now it be damn near impossible not to… what I’m saying is that people seem to be focusing on becoming rich, which i guess is the end goal for most people. What I’m focusing on is being a part of this project that is going to re- pioneer the game. I want to see this project restructure the way gambia and the rest of Africa handle their money. I wanna see this project take away the power that the banks have over everyone because with safemoon they are obsolete. With that being said good night and good travels #ToTheMoon

What do you think?

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  1. Aye I feel where you’re coming from. When we moon, my goal is to start a large scale Vertical Tier Farm. Imagine a warehouse full of NYC fire escapes for lack of a better visual, where each level has a light, and a plant, and a drip system. It’s on the fire escapes because you can stack them, and use the square footage multiple times over. Combine that with renewable energy sources and you can mitigate energy costs. Throw an aquarium/salmon run and you have nutrients. Because it’s all contained and inside, you are able to replicate it anywhere in the world, literally a turn key farm.

    I’ve got a few dudes in the discord and a couple guys on the Reddit that are rolling with. If you’re feeling disheartened by “wen lambo”, we’ve got room for more my guy.

  2. Cant relate to you city boys, but I got 4 acres on Richland chambers lake in Tx(20 min to nearest gas station) but beer store within walking distance so that’s a positive!!! and am holding until I can pay my land off and build a new house and enjoy my peaceful life and be home to see my kids grow up! I currently miss half there life but am holding until I’m debt free or lose my investment and just continue my life as is!

  3. I invested in this to make money. I’m not here to save Africa. Why you care is what I don’t understand. Do what you want with your money and let others do what they want.

  4. I’m a very large hodler of SAFEMOON, BABY DOGECOIN, SHIBA INU, EVERRISE, AND FEG cryptos. I hope BABY DOGE, SHIBA, EVERRISE, AND FEG gives me some gains but SAFEMOON is my safe long term investment that will let me retire in the next few years. Been trading and making a living off crypto for years and do real well for myself but, NOW THAT BLOOD IS IN THE WATER IN THE MARKET IT IS THE BEST TIME TO BUY SAFEMOON AND OTHER CRYPTOS LIKE THIS ONE. HODL ON TIGHT. THIS NEXT MONTH IS GOING TO GET CRAZY!!!!NFA

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  6. Have to be honest I only have an interest in this project for it to get me a reasonable amount of money back. All the other stuff is a means to an end for me and just about everyone else.

    I have a set amount of money in mind for when I will withdraw. I am not looking for riches and a lavish lifestyle I just want enough money so my amazing wife can retire and never work again. She deserves a break and as soon as I can give her that then I’m out of here. (May leave a few hundred million safemoon in for a bit of tokenomics.)

The absolute next EPIC play: $T–all the reasons why this stock will make you rich AF, the discovery I found that ties Steve Jobs widow Laurene Jobs to the company, why you need to hop in, like yesterday, and a possible $AAPL deal. BONUS: An appearance from the bae of all bae’s: REESE WITHERSPOON

Is there too much “noise” in DeFi?