Please look for another more secure and reliable exchange if ur nooby. This will ruin your day and it will happen to you!

Just got my cash that Coinbase stole from me disputed and sided with me. Reimbursed the full amount. Long story short a coinbase transaction that I didnt make and never saw the tokens for drained my account. Have since tripled up security measures and changed every password and added 2 step. Ive gotten ahold of coinbase and did everything they asked me to being told to let them know when im ready to get back into my account. So I did and they told me they sent it to a specialist. No time frame like some of you mention they give you. Been 8 days and Ive emailed multiple times the same support email to ask wtf is going on and just nothing. Fucks wont even send me the cash I had already on there before they stole more from me. Am I just fucked? Im starting to believe Coinbase REALLY IS that scammy!!! They shouldnt be in business imho and Ill never use coinbase again! Hell Id rather use Binance and know theyre gonna scam me than just wake up broke all the way to my overdraft limits one day without knowing thanks to coinbase. If youre considering putting ANY MONEY into coinbase PLEASE look into other options. You WILL regret it!

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