Please describe your experience with a lost Authenticator recovery on Coinbase.

If you have managed to perform a “I lost my Authenticator App” account recovery on coinbase, could you please describe what you had to do. There multiple posts this month (perhaps one user) where they claim account recovery was performed without having to redo KYC.

In the past (years ago) you used to have to redo the whole KYC process to perform an account recovery with lost 2FA. Now (according to some) they will just send you a reset password link to your email and strip 2FA from your account.

Will someone with recent, personal experience doing this recovery help refute these claims. Or could staff please publicly describe what CB does one someone claims to have lost their Authenticator phone?

[CB 2FA troubleshooting](

What do you think?

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  1. I lost mine, but it was several years ago, and had to do the KYC stuff and a video of me holding my Driver’s license.

    Coinbase customer service was great, but I am always very patent with people that hold my money and could wipe me out, unlike most.

    It took me about 10 days to 2 weeks to access my account again.

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