Playing around with the calculator

I’m very bullish with safemoon and for me the logic behind the tokenomics is clear. To understand the effects of the math it’s pretty interesting to play around with the calculator Mark built and setup different scenarios. The calculator is pretty basic as it only calculates volume, price and reflections over a fixed amount of tokens that you have at the time. You can do manual reflections so you can change prices and volumes to have an idea how price, volume and reflections interact, with variations within a time frame but it’s not the whole story as this formula is compounding in a fixed time without the variables which are unknown of volume over time and burns over time time . It’s pretty interesting to see.
What I’ve noticed playing around;
If there’s a combination of low price but decent volume you earn lots of reflections, wild amounts. So your bag gets huge in coins but not in value but that will come with the reduction of circulating coin (burn).
If price rises then reflections drop , but you balance rises with the price. Burn is much slower and scarcity suffers.
So the ideal combo is low price and great volume for some time and then a rise in price
Which is what the slow sale by the whales are doing. It’s a forced low as with volume the normal effect is price rise.
I really hope volume rises with the wallet and if price stays low for a while it’s a good loading of the bags before a price spike.
Hope this informs the community somewhat about the maths and just play with the calculator to get an idea of it all.
The real bummer is that exchanges are screwing the equation , at least we get the original reflections when they buy from pancake swap but the rest is internal to their wallet so no reflections or burn from that.
Hope this answers some doubts to new investors and sparks some research as well.

What do you think?

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  1. In regards to how safemoon mark says if you have 5 billion safemoon and there is 1 B volume you will earn $250 per day. At what price point would that show? Or is that reflected when price rises enough to show it.

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  3. What’s up with mr. bons analysis on YouTube. He sold all his safemoon. Bridge to psfm will kill the burn. Can somebody bring this up I don’t know how to add a post to reddit

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