Playboy Builds Ethereum-Based NFT Art Gallery

American entertainment magazine Playboy announced the launch of an online art gallery in the form of non-fungible tokens.

It will feature an extensive collection of art and photographs gathered over nearly 70 years.

For this, the publication began to cooperate with one of the leading NFT trading platforms Nifty Gateway based on Ethereum.

We are delighted with all the innovations that blockchain brings, and a large part of our work will be to support artists and collectors through grants. We want to move forward, learn, support the community, and innovate together.

Since the late Hugh Hefner’s family sold their last stake in Playboy Enterprises in August 2018, a team of millennial editors have reshaped the magazine and started to develop in a more progressive direction.

After its heyday in the 1970s, this iconic magazine is once again trying to create interesting content and reach new audiences with NFT.

Playboy CEO Rachel Webber said she sees NFT as a huge business opportunity:

We see the digital asset revolution as a huge business opportunity and see huge growth potential in integrating tokens into our operations, live performances and events, creating a social token economy through our talent network.

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