Parachains Launching Only on Kusama

Hi All,

Just said id ask the question as to whether anybody is aware of parachains that intend to only launch on kusama and not polkadot. I think Zeitgeist has been banded out before as only launching on Kusama. Are there any others people are aware of?

I suppose its also worth considering there are only 30 parachains that will be on Polkadot therefore a lot of those that get on kusama may not ever win an auction on polkadot and consequently end up throwing everything in on what was originally seen as a secondary token

These auctions are fascinating stuff. Great concept and very engaging for the community and hopefully in time very rewarding

What do you think?

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  1. I’m not aware of any other project besides Zeitgeist.

    It takes a lot of resources (community, finance, marketing, time, etc) to organise and set up a crowdloan campaing, as we have seen. My guess is that smaller teams who barely made it to the 10.000 KSM threshold during the first Kusama auctions will be waiting a while before launching on Polkadot.

    TL;DR: There is no point going big with Polkadot when you don’t have the numbers to justify your strategy. 🙂

  2. Slight tangent here, but I don’t understand the competitive nature of the auctions for slots. It seems as if there are plenty of slots and I have not yet ran across a minimum required in order to win one. Couldn’t a group just simply wait for “cheap” slots? Or worse case scenario threads?

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