P2P in UK. Only cancelled orders. Am I doing it right?

I’m UK based and since it’s now difficult for people to transfer funds to binance in the UK I decided to put some of my USDT on P2P trading and enable FPS (Fast Payment) and Bank Transfers.

I have a business and this activity is business related (we also accept crypto for payment) so the business bank is what is used to receive payment to. The binance account is in the name of the director of the company so it matches.

When setting up FPS and Bank Transfer there is no where to put the sort code, only account number so I put the sort code in free text if someone orders.

After posting the ad the orders came in straight away. Ad is now offline but 8 orders over the hour it was live were all cancelled.

One person said that their bank said the name didn’t match my bank details so I told them to try company name but the order timed out before they responded.

One person marked as money sent but it didn’t arrive to me and after it timed out no attempt to contact me was made so I assume they was trying their luck I would just press release.

So I’m asking;

* are most P2P orders usually cancellations?
* is it correct to put the sort code in free text since there is no where else to put it?

I have also been reading on AML (Anti Money Laundering) and it seems that the FCA rules aren’t too strict and mostly about making my own judgement. I have a duty to protect my business, obviously I don’t want to fund criminal activity so my plan is to write some terms and potentially take photo ID if this becomes a major part of the business. Right now I’m just testing it out and I only put up $320 in P2P to see what would happen – ie prepared to lose etc.

Am I doing it right?

What do you think?

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  1. Be careful. I am a director of my own limited and I had to apply for a business account on the name of my own limited. Mixing personal account with business account and funds can get messy. But I assume you have everything under control.

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