Yesterday someone made a post essentially looking for some clarification on something, but the thing I took away from that post was the phrase “Owlish” – credit to “Unparty”. I know it might be a bit gimmicky but I thought I’d add a description for what it could mean.

“Owlish: Stoic wisdom in the face of the near constant uncertainty of the volatile crypto market. Understanding that providing you have faith in your investment and the ability to endure the ups and downs of crypto without acting excessively emotionally, you’ll probably be alright in the end.”

Think it works out quite nicely fitting in with the the whole Bullish and Bearish ideas. If anyone has any better idea for what it could mean or any additions feel free to suggest them.

What do you think?

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  2. Your answer is in the papa Twitter space ama from yesterday, at 24 minutes. Comment was from @justjensence on Twitter

    The amount of times I’ve posted this link in past 24hours is ridiculous, majority of people on the Reddit need to listen to this AMA needs to be pinned somewhere

    [Safenoon Joe’s YouTube of the Twitter space papa AMA yesterday](

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